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God is the Great Covenant Maker. He is also the Eternally Faithful Covenant Keeper.

Have you ever read Genesis 15 and wondered what it would have been like to be Abraham and receive an unconditional Covenant directly from God? You are about to witness the reality of that encounter. Look in on Abraham "walking between the pieces" with the Lord. I promise you, this is a scene that will transform your thinking. It will explode your understanding.

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by Marion Walther
The Jewish Feasts & Jesus
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by Marion Walther
Portrait of the False Messiah
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The Red Heifer

A news flash went out across the world on April 8 of this year, 2002. "A red heifer has been born in Israel." The Rabbis have examined her and pronounced her "kosher." She's a cutey! And here she is! Click over to The Temple Institute for the news flash: The Red Heifer

Orthodox Jews are greatly enthused but exercising caution. This is only the second red heifer born in Israel in 2000 years. The first was born in 1997 and would have been ready to sacrifice in the year 2000. She was born kosher. However, when she attained the age and was examined, three white hairs appeared at the tip of her tail. The hopes of all were dashed.

UPDATE! Unfortunately, this little heifer has also been disqualified. We'll have to wait a little longer.

In order to build the temple and set up the priestly order, everything must first be purified with the "ashes of a red heifer." Numbers 19:1-10. For some years, certain Israelis have been pursuing a breeding program and with the help of a group of Christian Texas ranchers the first heifer was born. To obtain a pure red heifer is very rare. But if this young calf continues to be kosher when she reaches the age of three years, she will be sacrificed. That could happen in 2005. However, if the rabbis use the ancient formula of counting from gestation, she could be ready in 2004.

Satan doesn't want this to happen! Israelis are well aware that factions of Islam fear this "holy calf." Israel is making provision for her safety for many fear that radical Muslims may attempt to kill her before the time. If she is the one, God will protect her!

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